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Devoted To The Art of Club Swinging
Club swinging is believed to have originated in India by soldiers as a method of improving strength, agility, balance and physical ability. During the annexation of India, British officers witnessed the graceful motions and essential property of expanding the chest and exercising every muscle of the body. The British brought the Indian Clubs to Europe where the Germans and Czechs adopted club swinging into their physical training systems. German immigrants brought the clubs to the United States in the mid-1800s, where they were soon introduced into both American school physical education programs and military physical readiness training. Indian Club Exercises lost popularity in the 1920s in exchange for sports and games.

Now, move to the present, nearly 100 years later.  This lost art of club swinging is enjoying a resurgence, a renaissance, and growing once again in popularity. Countless numbers of health conscious individuals and organizations are re-discovering and embracing the benefits of functional fitness through the utilization of simple club swinging exercises.
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